Scope of Work

  • Brand Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Digitial
  • Website


Best Awards 2020

Two local brewers came to us with the aim of revolutionising the way beer logistics and distribution is currently run throughout the country. Their idea: to develop a platform that allows bars, pubs and restaurants to purchase beer directly from the brewers themselves, essentially removing the middle-man.

We set to work developing a name and concept based around the idea of a national stock exchange for beer. We created a responsive, mono-spaced mark that adapted to the application it appeared on, by shifting forms from New Zealand Beer Exchange to simply NZBEX. Language and messaging give life to the brand — puns, colloquialisms and light-hearted beer or stock-market based statements such as ‘trust your beer gut’ and ‘think outside the crate’ appear throughout the brand and are applied through a number of different stock-market inspired experiments and animations.

The core application of the brand focussed around the design and development of a large logistics-based website. Whilst functionality took pride of place, animation, graphics and language were used to soften the presentation of content and ensure an immersive experience.

The site features The Weekly Drop — a backwards auction. Each week a limited release or sought-after beer is added to the site where price continues to drop over a one hour period. The longer buyers wait, the cheaper the beer is — the only catch, that there is only one item added — once it’s been purchased once, it’s gone for everyone.