Lake House Arts

As a home to over 25 resident artists and a wide range of arts and culture organisations, Lake House Arts sought a brand that would appeal to artists and creatives of all ages in the North Auckland area. Following a consultation process, we developed a striking, modern identity that highlights the organisation’s historic lake house building and captures its creative mana.

The iconic lake house building with its twin gable roof is represented visually in the new logo. The mark not only captures the building’s architectural character, but it also represents the organisation’s dedication to protecting cultural heritage and fostering community pride. The primary Lake House Arts brand identity uses a colour scheme that draws inspiration from the historic building’s crimson roof and pairs it with a soft cream colour to convey a sense of elegance and artistic vibrancy. The new brand is used on a variety of platforms, including the website, social media sites, business materials, and signage.

The Lake House Cafe was also considered within the process. We used a mid-blue and cream colour scheme to set it apart while keeping a visual affinity with the primary Lake House Arts brand. The organisation’s presence in the neighbourhood is deepened by the consistent branding used by both entities, also reinforcing the organisation’s overall artistic identity.