All Right?

Scope of Work

  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Campaign
  • Digitial
  • Website


Best Awards 2020
Best Awards 2020

All Right? produce and promote multiple well-being and mental health based campaigns every year, each which target a different and wide ranging demographic. Following 10 successful years, as well as a shift from a local to national focus, the once fresh All Right? brand identity had done its dash and we were tasked with refreshing the brand identity.

A core challenge was in developing a brand that not only worked on its own, but equally worked across a range of different campaigns and messages. Communication had to be instantly recognisable as All Right? but also be varied enough to ensure that each campaign felt distinctly unique.

Two typefaces, a friendly display-face as well as a more conventional sans-serif were chosen for their mix of personality and conversational tone. A palette of 20 colours — all varying in vibrancy and tone breathe life into the brand and ensure a playfulness while maintaining consistency. Photography, video, illustration, pattern and animation are specifically developed and used at campaign level.

The new brand was immediately put to use with a campaign for the LGBTQIA+ community over Pride Month, a resource for tamariki named Chitter Chatter, as well as a campaign that tackled the stigma of being Manly As. In addition to this, we designed and developed a new website where 10 years worth of wellbeing tools and resources were refreshed using the new identity.