The Artstart Foundation (formerly The Creators’ Room) bridges the gap between aspiring high-school aged artists and the art industry, by nurturing talent and providing vital firsthand experience. Artstart (formerly Artstars) is an annual event platform that provides a hand-picked selection of 100 aspiring artists the opportunity to show their work professionally. 

We recognised the need to align the names of The Creators' Room and their flagship event, Artstars, to create a seamless connection moving forward. As a result, The Artstart Foundation and Artstart were born, ensuring clarity and a direct link. We developed the vision, "Opening Doors for Young Artists," which embodies the very essence of their mission, providing a simple and focused ethos, as well as a platform for our new identity to launch from.

To engage the teenage audience without alienating donors, supporters and partners, we developed a youthful and approachable tone-of-voice. Our concept revolves around 100 coloured pixels, each symbolising one of the talented young artists supported by the Foundation. These pixels expand to showcase the artist's work, putting their creativity in the spotlight.

At the heart of our identity for the Foundation sits a distinctive mark—a picture frame with an open door leading to stairs. This represents the transformative impact the Artstart Foundation has on young artists' lives, but also symbolises their journey towards a bright future within the industry.

The colour palette and typography collectively reinforce the Foundation's mission to bridge the gap between young artists and the industry, adding a dash of vibrancy while maintaining a tone of professionalism. Colour strikes a balance between subdued primary hues, reminiscent of a traditional art class, with occasional bursts of colour, while the pairing of a timeless slab serif with a contemporary sans serif reflects the transition from education towards the professional world.