More Than All Right?

All Right? approached us to create a campaign that supports people within Ōtautahi’s LGBTQIA+ community to feel proud of who they are, by offering visibility, reassurance, hope and validation.

A challenge for this campaign was to resonate with the hugely diverse range of people who make up the rainbow community. We found one way to tackle this was to find unifying principles and common ground — themes that resonated with people regardless of their sexuality or gender identity — and to make these themes the beating heart of our campaign. Ultimately More Than All Right is about the freedom to be ourselves without the need to hide or change anything.

In response to the desire for visibility, we developed a photo-based concept that actively involved a range of people from the LGBTQIA+ community. To reinforce the connection between this campaign and the LGBTQIA+ community, we introduced the universally recognised ‘rainbow’ symbol, through the use of coloured light across the face.

In execution the photography is paired with simple black & white messaging, and applied across street posters, billboards, flyers, t-shirts, social as well as an instagram story filter.